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Do you have friends (or know friends who have these friends) who never want to settle down, love to party hard and behave like ‘the forever bachelor’?? I have no issues with hard partying people at all, but to be honest I can’t think of one friend who’s a forever bachelor. Maybe because I’m almost launched into my forties? Yes I know people who made the conscious decision to go through life solo, but I know more people who are single not by choice. Because I appreciate the preciousness of sharing every aspect of life with that someone special, I’ve made a special (wish) list of friends who are single but prefer to live life with a partner. Today I am so thrilled to say; one name can be ticked off this list, as she said YES recently to her soon to be husband!

Getuige-3*Handmade word-wire by Jo-Ann Liefden (

I’m feeling excited and honoured I have been and still am witnessing the relationship between my dear and close friend Jo-Ann and her Danny (from their exciting first date until an increasing unity now) blossom. At the beginning of this year Joo paid me a visit. Just before leaving home, to get some inspiration at a London wedding show, I entered my reception room and saw something hanging on my chest of drawers. I needed to look very close until my eyes and brains finally made the connection. Jo-Ann came all the way from Holland to ask me to be her Maid of Honour! Totally unexpected and feeling emotional, I felt even more loved because of the way she asked me to be her Maid of Honour. With so much care and heart she gave me a hanger with a handmade ‘written’ wire saying: Getuige which means witness in Dutch. The getuige has the same role as a Maid of Honour.


Now I’ve experienced this special and creative way to be asked to be the Maid of Honour I would encourage you, Brides to be, to make an effort in popping the “Will you be my Maid Of Honour?” question. This lovely personalised hanger with handmade word-wire is within your reach to make! Next week I will guide you with photos How To make this yourself. Hopefully you understand my step to step DIY post couldn’t be written without this one first.

Getuige-2*Photo made in photo booth at Wedding Fair

 Jowie I feel honoured to be your Maid of Honour, to sign your marriage license as an official witness and to be a sounding board for you and your hubby (to be) now and in the future <3

Next week we will create this word-wire hanger and make a Maid of Honour very happy!

Enjoy Today,


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