My story

Hi there, I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful gifts of life!

Thank you for browsing through my website! Here you can read a little about my photography and curatorial practice.

As long as I know myself, I have been a storyteller. At primary school I used to write and record (on an old-school cassette recorder) my own made-up stories and gave them to my friends. I loved to compose stories and to listen to legends, tales, and anecdotes. Not surprisingly, I pursued writing for a career by studying Journalism. Here I picked up the camera and started to ‘write with light’. This magical instrument then became my mouthpiece to tell stories of my own and the stories of others.

Over 20+ years I loved working as a commercial photographer. Through my photography practice I helped businesses develop and grow their brand awareness and customer relations, collaborated with models and magazine editors in the fashion industry and  captured timeless memorable images for private clients. Currently, I also produce social documentary portraits for art exhibitions.

While working in both the arts and commercial industry I identified the absence and lack of recognising Black female photographers. Therefore, I am passionate to contribute to the conversations involving equal representation within the global photography industry. As a curator I create platforms for talented female visual artists mainly from the African diaspora and also from Black, Asian and Global Majority heritage. Displaying their stories in the most authentic and compelling way is my aim. Through incorporating sound and by encouraging curiosity I invite audiences to a holistic experience. I also hope my curatorial practice will give access to a healthy and balanced narrative of life and unlock essential dialogue. 

Please contact me if you would like to connect or liaise or if you would like to know more about my journey.

A few fun facts:

* Love waking up in the arms of my Stan * Love hearing my daughters laugh * Have a Bachelor’s degree in (photo) Journalism and a Masters in Curating * Embraced wearing my hair natural (no longer chemically processing my hair) * Jeans lover * Born in Paramaribo and raised in Amsterdam * Sing under the shower * Had my own radio programme at the age of 16 * Strongly dislike shallow chitchats * Love having dinner with my family and friends * Was an interim editor for a cool urban glossy magazine * Went back to Uni at the age of 43 * Passionate photographer * Love living in London * Interviewed Destiny’s Child (and Beyoncé) when I was 19 * Have the best family and in-laws everrrr * Curious Curator * Am daily amazed by the overflowing continuous life giving LOVE of Jesus *

Psalm 16:11 “You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.”

Photo by Tegen Kimbley commissioned by Art Fund for Midlands Arts Centre, Exhibition Zaibunissa by Maryam Wahid at MAC.