The Investment

Book a timeless Portrait Photo Shoot to celebrate Life

Every season in life has its beauty and needs to be celebrated one way or the other, especially when days, months and years go by so swiftly. Seeing your loved ones grow and blossom into beautiful people is an absolute privilege, as it is for me as your photographer to capture you in this certain time of your life. Different faces, with their own specific characteristic features, are telling their own story. My relaxed approach enables me to capture moments telling the story of you and or your family life. Creating and capturing new precious memories will give you the ability to cherish these moments and then delight in timeless images. And because everybody is different I will adapt to your personal flow and will make the experience a joyful one to never forget.

Sometimes we need to come closer. A bit closer to who we really are. Without feeling embarrassed but by celebrating our femininity and beauty. It is time to do this more often. If you are looking for a Private Shoot you will instantly know it is more than a photography session — it’s a transformation and a celebration of confidence, cheekiness, and everything that makes you see your true beauty, your true value and to feel absolutely gorgeous. Some of us woman would love to gift these photographs to our husbands (to be), but all of us will embrace this beautiful experience by adding it to our journey of accepting our self.

A Portrait Photo Shoot starts from £180 for a two hour Amazing Bliss package.

Please contact me for more details on all the optional possibilities for this experience and prices at

Remember: Everyone has a story to tell <3 

Make this memory one to hold as a keepsake and add a gorgeous storybook! My album supplier is Folioalbums –  they have created the most stunning handmade crafted (made in the UK)  fine art digital printed books. The quality is absolutely state of the art and the clean presentation will let your photos speak for them selves and give everyone who lays their eyes on them, the opportunity to feast on and celebrate your story.


My Stylish Brand

Branding your business is one of the hardest things a business owner comes across with. Because you might know what you want, but how do we communicate this to our (potential) clients? How do we tell them who we are and how do we explain how we can help them? With My Stylish Brand photography service I will help you from the beginning to the end to solve this. How I can help you is as follows:

A business consists of people. It can be just you or a group of people. People who are passionate about a certain concept and are like building blocks for your company or people who are promoting your brand in a compelling way. For various reasons capturing you and them, will help your business to gain the trust of existing or potential clients, or to tell your story. With My Stylish Brand photography, you will be able to accomplish this connection of trust. You will be capable to establish this relation because I made this connection with you and the one in front of my camera first. This starts off with a good understanding of your vision and a relaxed yet thorough communication flow between us. Having your vision reflected in the image(s), which will seamlessly match with the corporate’s ethos for publication or internal use, is what I will establish together with you.

With my experience as an editor in chief for an urban glossy magazine I am fully aware what kind of pictures speak to the mind of the desired group of your company. My goal is that the picture will draw attention, tell the story and is attractive. With My Stylish Brand photography we will find the perfect concept and image for your business.

A My Stylish Brand photography session starts from £149 for an one hour Enterprise Head shots package.

For more information please contact me  so we can have a chat or a coffee or on request I can send you a complete price list!


I am based in South-East London, but am able to travel throughout the UK and the globe to capture your special moments and to help you tell your story <3.