Honour your Maid of Honour


When it’s your turn to pop the question: “Do you want to be my Maid of Honour”, make it memorable with a DIY Word-Wire-Hanger gift!

In this first DIY post you can find a step to step guide to create this beautiful  personalised hanger. You can shape every word you like to make it personal, I choose the word Love.

Most items used for this DIY can be found on the High street or in a hobby store and will costs you approximately £4. Unless you choose to use real gold or silver instead of metal of course :).

This is what you need:

  • Wooden hanger without a middle part
  • 1x silver/gold plated wire min. diameter 1.75mm max. 2mm and min. 2 meters long
  • Drill with drill bit of same diameter as the wire
  • Ribbon(s)
  • Wire cutters and/or pliers

WordHanger-3*Photo by Zoey 

Step 1: Unwind the plated wire in a straight line.

Step 2: Before you start twisting the wire in the shape of your liking keep in mind to leave at least 10 cm space at both ends.

Step 3: Twist the wire in the shape you want it to be with your fingers, or a sturdy item with round edges.

Step 4: To make a heart shape: bend the wire to the left, make a round shape to the right downwards. Make an angle to the right upwards and then a round shape to the left downwards. To let the bottom parts of the heart connect use pliers.

WordHanger-4*Photo by Zoey

Step 5: Leave some space between the letters if you want your Maid of Honour to be able to read what it actually says.

Step 6: Always make an angle upwards when you begin with a new letter.

Step 7: When you’re finished with the word-wire turn the ends upwards and measure with both ends where to drill the holes in the hanger. Cut the unwanted leftovers of the wire.

WordHanger-2*Photo by Zoey

Step 8: Drill two holes with care in the hanger. I do this by squeezing one end of the hanger between my knees and drill in the other end with care.

9: Fasten your chosen ribbon (tulle is a beautiful material to use too)  in a bow around the hook of the hanger.

10: Fit the ends of the word-wire in the hanger. You can also use a little bit of glue to secure the wire.


And there you have it! A beautiful personal gift for your Maid of Honour. You can also add a tag with a handwritten message.

Even if the word isn’t perfectly shaped, this personal gift will make your Maid of Honour know even more how much you appreciate her!

Next week I will give you some posing tips, hope to see you then!

Enjoy Today!


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