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Wedding of Neil and Niki


Their love story started before they even knew it would be one. We often hear that the best thing ever is to get married to your best friend. But before a couple takes this leap of faith they always take a couple of things in sincere consideration. Losing your best friend is NOT an option you know. Only the courageous dare to take their relationship to the next level.

Neil and Niki have been friends long before the spark ignited into a flame. They are one of the brave couples who decided to be true about their feelings to each other and made the choice to give their friendship the opportunity to grow in more.

And YES it grew in more!



It grew in an honest, caring, FUN and loving relationship. Neil truly loves everything about Niki. He loves her radiant smile, her body, her intelligence, her caring heart and so much more. One someone of ‘the much more’  he loves is Niki’s beautiful daughter Codie. While doing the engagement session Neil said: “We have a daughter!” This comment and the way he said it truly touched my heart… deeply.



Niki her eyes just lit up when Neil is around. He makes her smile from the inside out, she loves the fact he looks smart and is smart, she loves his jokes, she loves his gentleness, his ‘glass half full’ lifestyle, strong social skills and so much more. Everything about Niki says: “Neil I adore you and I am thankful to be yours and that you are mine.”



Neil and Niki decided to meet each other at the altar in beautiful Sidcup Manor house. Nerves combined with expectation and intense joy made the build up to the ‘first look’ tangibly exciting. Once holding hands all nerves vanished and were replaced by an overflow of gratitude, happiness and love.

According to the weather forecast thunder storms could break through the clouds any moment. But we all kept it dry. The beautiful clouds painted the sky fantastically!!



To have at least one thing in common is without a doubt a positive in a relationship. This lovely couple has obviously more than just one thing in common, but there is one particular shared interest they both love dearly and that is: FOOTBALL



They don’t really like each other’s football clubs though, but this didn’t spoil the idea to plan a football themed wedding! With the help of friends and family the couple carefully put together this fun theme. The colours were red and white, that choice was easily made!



I want to conclude Neil and Niki’s love story with this: Two amazing big hearts joined together. You could compare it with taking the two key star players of Manchester U. and Arsenal and put them in team England. But then winning… FOREVER!


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