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Lifestyle Photography

Different faces, with their own specific characteristic feature, each telling their own story. A certain setting, exposure of light on the face, or shades that not reveal everything tell a story. One thing never unseen is the emotion. What you feel will be reflected on the photo. Capturing the pureness of beauty is my intent in private/individual portraits and in fashion photography.



Sometimes we need to come closer. A bit closer to who we really are. Without feeling embarrassed but by celebrating our femininity and beauty. It is time to do this more often. Some of us woman would love to give these images as a present to our husbands (to be), but all of us will embrace this beautiful experience by adding it to our journey of accepting ‘self’.


Weeks, months sometimes years of preparation. A beautiful wedding gown and a smart looking suit are waiting to be worn. Excited guests, a fantastic location and a superb cake. It all comes together on that one very important day,  the day you say: “I Do” to your partner. As a photographer I am fully aware of the importance and uniqueness of this day. With my photo journalistic approach I will make you feel at ease.  My goal is whenever you look at your wedding photos you will experience your wedding day over and over again.



Sometimes we want to have a sneak peek into the life of total strangers. Just being their witness without them ever knowing it. Documentary photography is raw, pure, dynamic and real. It triggers the portrayed, the beholder and me the photographer consciously or unconsciously. Every moment and person is special and tells its own plain, pure and beautiful truth.




With my experience as an editor in chief for an urban glossy magazine I am fully aware what kind of pictures speak to the mind of the desired group of your company. My goal is that the picture will draw attention, tell the story and is attractive. Together we will find the perfect concept and image for your company.

Enjoy Today Card collection


My Enjoy Today Card Collection is a collection of special handmade photo cards with a vintage feel. If you are interested to view my collection or to order an unique design please contact me at:



Basisschool Piet Hein – Primary School

Caroline Percy – Bowen for All alternative and holistic health

Corrie van de Nes – Singer/Songwriter
DIV management – Diversity organisation
Dwight Dissels – Singer/Songwriter
Franchise+ – Magazine for franchisers

Gianinni Semedo Moreira – Dancer, choreographer

In the Buff Make-up – Mineral Cosmetics

Jane Bennett – Let’s Get it Done Coaching

Lisa Dayman – Prestige Admin Solutions

Lomasi Flowers

Louise Cardon – Queen of Calm, Reiki Teacher – Woman’s Clothing branch

Manoa – Massage company

Marilyn Tam – EMM Styling

Opportunity in Bedrijf – Expertise and network organization in the field of diversity and inclusive leadership

Pascale Atkinson – Reflexology and Therapy

Powerlady Magazine (photographer and editor in chief in 2010) – Urban Glossy Magazine
PWC- Price Waterhouse Coopers
Silvia Russel – Visual Artist

St Marks Church of England Primary School

Theaterwerk Spiriet – Theatre production
Top Focus Kennisnetwerk Diversiteit – Network for Diversity
Whitehouse Decorations – Interior Stylist
Woningbouwcoöperatie Ymere – Building Cooperation (for i.e. their magazine)