About Me


Hi there, thank you for browsing through my website. By clicking on this page I assume you’d like to get to know me a little. Being born in Suriname (a beautiful country above Brazil) and raised in Amsterdam, I grew up in between two different cultures. The Dutch traditions I grew up with made me pretty direct on one hand and on the other it gave me a beautiful gift of accepting differences between people without the fear of losing ‘self’. My Surinamese upbringing taught me respect for others (especially elders), a great sense of humor and made me love food more than an average European person. Probably also because my mum is the best cook you could ever meet!

What I really love about Amsterdam and living here in London is; being amongst different nationalities, the beautiful historical architecture and the different seasons. About the different seasons, I think I like spring the most. Being able to walk outside without a coat, wear open shoes, watch trees blossom and just see nature waking up excites me. Being part of beautiful new beginnings just makes my heart leap I guess. August 2001 was one of my best new beginnings ever.

I married my love, best friend, soul-mate and witness of my life’s journey. Over the years I’ve been thought intimacy of a pure heart to heart connection is beautiful and confronting (sometimes challenging) at the same time. I realise (being a portrait photographer for the past 8 years) why I love what I do so much… It is because I’m documenting a particular season of a special persons life! The purity of the moment you are in, the sparkles, the raw emotions and the undeniable beauty of life I absolutely love to capture.

My approach to individual portraits is quite similar to documenting a wedding day. My aim is to make you fall in love with yourself (again), and that the images will be a constant fresh and breathtaking reminder of a precious season in your life.

A few titbits about me:

* Love waking up in the arms of my Stan * Love hearing my daughters laugh * Have a Bachelor’s degree in (photo) Journalism * Have embraced wearing my hair ‘natural’ (not processing my hair chemically any more) * Jeans and vintage lover * Had my own radio program at the age of 16 * Strongly dislike shallow chitchats * Love having dinner with my family and friends * Was an interim editor in chief for a cool urban glossy magazine * Hate doing the dishes (especially the cutlery) * Passionate photographer * Love living in London * Interviewed Beyoncé (Destiny’s Child) when I was 19 * Have the best family and in-laws everrrr * Am daily amazed by the overflowing continuous life giving LOVE of Jesus *

Psalm 16:11  “You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.”

Additional information:
I use a Canon 5D digital camera with Canon lenses. The retouches are done with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.